The QWS Biofilm removal system – What’s new?

QWS Biofilm Removal System

Over the past few months you might have heard some whispers and rumors of an updated QWS Biofilm Removal System. Maybe you heard it will be the new ultimate weapon in the battle against biofilm? Well actually it already was, but even the best can improve!

That’s what we’ve been doing, improving the most trusted DUWL treatment products on the market. And now finally we can show you just what we’ve been up to. In this post I am going to run down the new range and explain the new features of the system.

The New QWS Biofilm removal system


Let’s firstly look at our QWS Alpron & BRS Starterkit! In case you didn’t already know the original starter kit has two parts; the initial Biofilm Removal system, to remove that pesky Biofilm, and the Alpron Maintenance Solution to maintain drinking water quality in the unit. As this is such an effective protocol we haven’t changed the products original form. We’ve simply added a couple of goodies for an overall more effective product. These include:

Bilpron 250ml

Bilpron is an exceptionally powerful product. It is used for intensive dental unit disinfection. When combined with the BRS system we can perform an even more intensive clean than before. It can also be used to “Hold” a dental unit and prevent it from forming biofilm during a period of disuse. (I.e a holiday or closure) Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for our blog explaining the power of Bilpron.

Measuring Equipment

We have listened to our loyal Alpron customers and found an easier and more accurate measuring device. The new 50ml measuring beaker can be used when making up your Alpron solution to ensure you achieve the 1% concentration that protects your waterlines.

Indestructible Instructions

A new format has been applied to our step by step instructions and reference guide which are included along with the Sampler Audit Log book.

The new look Reference Manual contains all the information you need about the system, so if you ever need clarifying on part of the kit, this is where you need to go.

Find out how the system is used in the new User Guide which has been printed on special tear & waterproof paper, much like a new £5 note. You can use it near the sink without fear of damaging the guide. Rugged to say the least, although we’d recommend you don’t take scissors to it, or set it on fire, or throw it out… It is useful after all.

The final, and arguably most important document is our Sampler Audit Booklet. This has been expanded from the previous biofilm booklet, allowing you to keep more results and in one easy location. This new style includes space for your Alpron Batch code and up to 6 years results. A paper version is included in your Starterkit but a PDF version* that can be completed on screen is available for download from our website –  Bespoke Sampler Log Books are also available please contact our sales team for details.

Sounds good doesn’t it? It doesn’t stop there. We’ve updated the clean & clear kit as well


QWS Biofilm Removal Kit PLUS


The Clean and Clear kit is used to complete a Biofilm Removal on units that have issues with stubborn biofilm, or re-clean chairs that might have failed a quarterly sampler test. We thought to ourselves “why not make it a more intense clean?”. As such the QWS Biofilm Removal Kit PLUS contains one bottle of Bilpron, for a clean and clear with a PLUS (get why we called it that?). Just in case we also still supply the old style Clean and Clear Kit if you’d prefer that one.

That’s not all we’ve been up to. Compliance club is getting a few new features as well. But that’s for another blog.

In the mean time, feel free to view the new products here. Or how about you grab one of those personalised audit books? Give us a call on 01833 630393 to get yours.

Adam Sowerby

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