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I read with great interest each week the Care Quality Commission inspection reports that are published with a view to sharing any good practice with a wider audience – this week there have been some brilliant examples of ¬†practices thinking outside the box…

Just a call away

One practice had put a phone outside of the decontamination room so that instruments required for emergency appointments could be organised without a clinical member of staff having to leave the surgery. Saves times, minimises cross infection and makes the whole process more slick!

Two sinks are better then one

Its a simple one, but having two sinks rather than trying to use two bowls in one large sink provides the best system for manual cleaning. It allows for clear segregation of dirty instruments and those that have been rinsed minimising the risk of cross infection. This allows for better zoning, spacing for signage and work flow information.

Get automated

Practices choosing an automated method of instrument disinfection over manual cleaning are achieving best practice. Using your washer disinfector and moving away from manual cleaning gives your patients and staff the best protection against injury and cross contamination. CQC love to see a practice embracing the automation and using the technology available to support the decontamination process.

The right equipment

One practice had invested in Autoclaveable gloves for use when manual cleaning – rather than buying marigolds and replacing every week, these just get washed and autoclaved on a regular basis. Saves time, saves money and ensures the risk of cross infection is minimised!

Can you use one or more of these ideas, implement change, note down on your audit action plan what you have improved and shout about it when the Care Quality Commission come knocking!

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