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Dental Instrument Transport made easy – Introducing the InstruBox

I would like to introduce a new product InstruBox. Designed for dental instrument transport, following it being highlighted as one of the problems commented on by CQC following the recent “new style” audit. Many practices either had no proper dental instrument transport system in place or a very adhoc one.

I will look at the problem with many products available and with the “work arounds” many people are using and then introduce this brand new, simple to use and most importantly, secure system to ensure your meeting the CQC requirements on dental instrument transport.

Whats the Problem?

There is currently no commercially available box designed for our dental profession taking into account our very strict space requirements. Mainline CSSD departments have a huge range of transport options open to them, but generally speaking these are expensive metal containers which are too large for use in the dental practice.

Many dentist’s have gone down the only other route available by using plastic boxes of a variety of makes, this has provided a partial solution. Many practices only had boxes for transport to the Decontamination room, they had no correct method of returning instruments to the surgery or for long term storage including the ability to correctly record the reprocessing date to ensure accurate auditing.

On top of inadequate physical transport solutions many practices were not taking steps to control the transport conditions using a moisture control product to stop the drying of instruments prior to reprocessing.

These issues were highlighted as an area of concern as the CQC saw this behavior in a large number of practices.

InstruRange – the Simple Solution

In order to address this obvious problem faced by an increasing number of dental practices across the UK,  Aura Infection Control ltd t/a Quality Water Specialists has developed a range of products specifically designed to keep instrument transportation simple, secure and safe.

The InstruRange includes InstruBox lockable transport boxes (which I will introduce in this article), InstruPak Pouches for humidity control and InstruClean (IC100) for pre-cleaning and “holding” prior to re-processing (More information can be found on our Website).

The Ideal Process

If we think about the entire process from a “best practice” point of view we could break it down into the following steps:

So How Does It Work?
Step 1 Complete clinical work, dispose of sharps in sharps bins immediately after use, place all contaminated instruments and consumables on a tray, spray with a pre-soak to ensure protein doesn’t dry and bond to the instruments
Step 2 If the processing delay is expected to exceed an hour (e.g. transport to CSSD) or until end of day, ensure the environment the instruments are stored in is under control using humidity pouches and pre-soak spray, place contaminated instruments in suitable locking box for trapsort.
Step 3 After processing the clean instrument are to be either transported back to surgery, using a suitable locking transport box, for ongoing use, or they are to be stored for longer term use. This requires a suitable storage solution that allows for tracking the date the instruments were either processed or need to be used by (expiry)
Step 4 Instruments being transported back to surgery should be transported back in their box to the surgery along with an empty box suitable for the transport of contaminated instruments

Looking through this process we can see there are a couple of areas to consider when safely transporting instruments:

Introducing InstruBox

InstruBox is a small, colour coded dental instrument transport system specifically designed to hold the standard size dental trays or cassettes (28x18cm). Each box has enough room inside to place a tray of instruments allowing enough extra room to safely get hands into the box to remove the tray without risk of spilling the contents of the tray.

The InstruBoxes all have locking lids ensuring Staff and Patient safety in the event of a “drop” should you have to transport through public areas of the practice and also feature transparent lids so that the instruments inside can be clearly seen.

The clear colour coding system makes it extremely simple to identify the state of instruments within the boxes at any given time.

InstruBox Red

The red box contains only contaminated instruments being transported to the decontamination room for processing. There can be no confusing the clear “Bio Hazard” signage on the lid of the box ensuring no oversights are made in instrument separation.

InstruBox Blue

Instrubox BLUE – Clean
The blue box contains processed or “clean” instruments that are being transported back to clinical areas for ongoing patient treatment.

InstruBox Green

Instrubox GREEN – Storage
The green box contains processed or clean instruments that are being stored for longer term use. Each box lid has a space to record either the expiry date of the instruments or the date they were last processed. Again a very clear colour coded box with obvious record of processing date ensuring that no mistakes or oversights are made.

The InstruBox can be cleaned using a normal detergent / disinfectant cleaner – such as Hospec pH Neutral Detergent or Plastisept ECO Non Alcohol Surface Wipes. The printed lids have been produced to ensure the printed content will remain without being removed by all common detergents and wipes.

Key Features
External Dimensions 88(H) x 255(D) x 395(W)mm
Internal Dimensions 68(H) x 220(D) x 348(W)mm
Weight 660g
Colour Coded Easy Recognition
Easy to Clean Compatible with all normal detergents
Compliance Compliant with HTM01-05, CFPP01-01


All products available from us directly, call us 01833-630393 or via our webshop: for your free account!
You can also order from your normal dealer. If they are not stocking yet ask them to call us.

Keep a look out for my follow up articles on our InstruPak and InstruClean Products which complete the dental instrument transport eco-system of products.

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