Enhanced CPD – What’s Changed? What do i need to know?

Enhanced CPD

Following the announcement from the GDC on enhanced CPD for dental professionals, we have put together a summary of what these changes mean and the key things you should be looking out for when choosing your training partner.

1 – CPD, How much, when and what?

Dental Nurses and Technicians now have to complete a minimum of 50 hours verifiable CPD per 5-year cycle, and non-verifiable CPD no longer has to be declared. Your completed CPD hours need to be recorded for each year within your 5-year cycle and should be included within your personal development plan (PDP). Look for providers who are offering verifiable CPD courses as a priority to ensure you meet your requirements, non-verifiable CPD should be used to supplement this learning journey using wider reading to develop your knowledge base.

2 – Quality through criteria

All CPD providers must now adhere to stricter criteria in order to demonstrate the learning activity is verifiable. This includes clear subject, content, aims & objectives are communicated along with the GDC development outcomes you should expect to reach by completing the training. Providers must now also ensure a quality assurance system is in place to support its compliance to the criteria.  All in all this means that the quality, clarity & content of training should improve and support better development going forward for all dental professionals.

3- Development Outcomes

From August 2018 or January if you’re a Dentist, CPD planning needs to align with the ethical principles set out within the GDC Standards for the Dental Team. This is done by grouping types of CPD by development outcome and monitoring which outcomes are being achieved by the learning you are undertaking during your cycle. This coding system will help to ensure that you get a full range of development during your cycle which will help to embed the ethical principles in your working life.

Development Outcome Code Example Training Courses
Effective Communication

Complaint Handling


Raising Concerns


A Complaints Handling

Communication techniques


Obtaining Consent

Effective management of self and others, effective work with others in dental team, leadership and management. B Practice Management


Business Management

Team Working

Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice. C Clinical / technical study


Infection Control

CPR, First Aid and Medical Emergencies.

Quality assurance for MHRA

Decontamination / Other specialist roles.

Development and Maintenance of skills, behaviors and attitude which maintain patient confidence and put the patents interest first. D Ethical / Legal Issues

Professional Behavior

Equality and Diversity

4 – Participation and Reflection

Participation cannot just mean showing up, to really get the best out of CPD learners need to engage and draw on the knowledge being provided. The enhanced CPD guidance now requires meaningful participation and post learning reflection. This could mean courses getting a little more creative or interactive to ensure participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning. Look out for courses that get you to think about what you might change moving forward.  Or that include a reflection template to complete and include in your PDP.

For more information check out the GDC’s guidance page. 

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