CQC – How are they still catching us out?


I read with great interest the CQC reports which get published weekly, as I am sure many other people do. What strikes me most is the amount of feedback and requirement notices given by the CQC that relate to infection control – how can we still be getting this wrong? and more importantly why?

Well because it isn’t easy and there can be a lot of guess work involved interpreting guidelines and designing protocols around unspecific rules- so no wonder some practices can fall short of the CQC standards. Its like trying to pass a test without knowing the questions or to some extent the topic!

Here are some things I’ve noted, noticed and felt I should share appearing in CQC reports …..

CQC says….Get the right bins!

Foot controlled waste bins only, you should not be opening/touching a dirty waste bin in the decontamination room. Its an easy swap and a tick in the right box, but more importantly its the right thing to do to protect staff in the decontamination room – don’t touch the bin, reduce the risk of cross contamination.

CQC says….Policy, Policy, Policy….then audit.

Yes you need an infection control policy covering a wide range of topics and risks, and yes you can use template provided by NHS or commercial companies but you must fit them to your practice and then you must audit them – are your staff doing what your policy says they should?

CQC says….DUWL management, effective protocol and audited?

Most practices do something and use some some biocide in dental chairs (if you are not then please stop reading and go and do that instead) but some don’t view it as a process to audit? Just like everything else you MUST make sure your biocide is working, its being used correctly and providing you with drinking quality water – and you do this auditing. DUWL treatments without an effective audit, is like using a Autoclave without a helix.

Lets stop giving them the ammunition and start showing them best practice!

For more information see www.qwsonline.co.uk

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