Alpron Instructions For Use – The Ultimate Alpron User Guide

Alpron Instructions

Alpron is the product of choice for Dental Unit Waterline Treatment in the UK. One of the only clinically backed products on the market. Alpron has been used by 1000’s of dentists over 15 years to maintain drinking quality water in Dental Unit Waterlines. We have produced  the following Alpron Instructions as a handy online reference about the system and how it fits into the HTM 01-05.

Before you introduce Alpron you must ensure your Dental Unit is free of Biofilm and contamination. The presence of Biofilm in your DUWL will affect the quality of your water, pure water going in, will be contaminate coming out if it passes over a Biofilm. This contamination can be measured as a number of Colony Forming Units(CFU), and for water to be considered safe to drink this must be less 100.

You can measure your CFU count using one of our HPC Samplers. These in field test kits are simple to use and provide an accurate measurement of water quality. 1 dot = 1 CFU – Easy.

If you wish to switch to the Alpron system, or have a CFU count that exceeds 100 then you may need to perform a Biofilm Removal process using a QWS Clean and Clear Kit.

Once you have clean, Biofilm free lines, THEN introduce the Alpron Solution to maintain your drinking water and ensure a Biofilm cannot re-form.

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Alpron Instructions: Step 1 – Mixing the Alpron

Before we can introduce the Alpron into the DUWL, we need to dilute it to the correct level. Alpron is used at a 1% concentration. It is vital this is accurate. Too weak, and you could give any bacteria the chance to form a biofilm.

We recommend you mix Alpron with distilled water. If you don’t have distilled available you can use potable tap water. Once made up, Alpron can be stored for 10 days in a clear opaque container. Ideally you should only make up enough for a weeks use.

Below is our Mixing chart which shows how much water & Alpron you need to make the correct concentrated solution. Remember be accurate!

Alpron conversion chart

Alpron Instructions: Step 2 – Introducing the Alpron

Great you now have your 1% Alpron Solution! You are now ready to use it in your lines. Fill your clean water bottle with the mixed Alpron. If you are introducing Alpron after a Biofilm removal, purge half the solution through the dental unit, including the tumble filler if connected. This will remove any residual chemicals from the previous treatment. Afterwards reattached all handpieces and filters.


Alpron Instructions: Step 3 – Flushing The Lines

Before and After Clinical Sessions flush each line for a minimum of 30 seconds. Flush between each patient for 15 seconds. This flushing introduces fresh Alpron solution into the lines and ensures no oral bacteria can be transferred between patients as anti-retraction valves have been shown to fail on a regular basis.

There has been some confusion regarding flushing the lines. HTM01-05 states that your DUWL should be flushed 2 minutes on a morning and night, and 1 minute between patients. This is not the case when using Alpron. As such only a shorter flush is required.


Alpron Flush
Remember, 30 seconds morning and night, 15 seconds between patients


Alpron Instructions: Step 4 – Water Bottle Care

The clean water bottle must remain on the dental unit at all times. The only time you should remove the bottle is to refill with Alpron. Leave it on the unit at evenings and weekends and do not air purge.

This can be a topic of confusion. The HTM states that the water bottle should be removed at evenings. However, the next point states “The manufacturer’s instructions will specify the disinfectant to be used and may also require the continuous presence of antimicrobial agents to prevent the build-up of biofilms”. Alpron is a continuous use product and to work it must be in the unit constantly, so please leave the bottle on.

Alpron Top Tips

  • Shake the Alpron bottle before mixing.
  • Use our 5 Litre Storage container to make a weeks supply.
  • Use Red Samplers every 3 months to ensure the Alpron is working correctly. We have our special Compliance Club service just for that!
  • If you are closing or not using your chair for a prolonged period, use Bilpron. Bilpron will hold the dental chair and prevent biofilm reforming during periods of long inactivity. I.e Chirstmas
  • Make this required reading for your team! Not following the Alpron procedure correctly can cause your chair to become contaminated. Follow the steps outlined above and you should never need to perform a biofilm removal again.

These are the key points of the Alpron system. If you need to buy any of the above products, see our range of Dental Unit Waterline products here.

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