The Aura Infection Control Foil Testing Grid – Throw Out Your Masking Tape!

AIC Foil Testing Grid

Oh no, is it my turn?

Its that time of the year again, your ultrasonic bath needs validating and you’ve pulled the short straw – get your masking tape out and throw away an hour. Its like a scene from blue peter with a list of items to collect from around the surgery – foil, scissors, paperclips, masking tape…… does this really need to be so difficult?

I would like to introduce an innovative new product and discuss why I feel its time for you to throw out the masking tape!

The quarterly validation required under the HTM 01-05 test can now be quickly completed with a Foil Testing Grid designed to fit any Ultrasonic bath and remove the difficulty and inconsistency from this test.

Ultrasonic Foil Testing Grid

Whats wrong with masking tape?

The difficulty with masking tape grids is that they can be come damp and unstick, foils are difficult to place consistently and gloves can become stuck and tear when trying to affix foils, not to mention the testing areas chosen are not consistently applied.

The AIC Foil Testing Grid provides an easy to use solution and ensures this quarterly test can be completed quickly and with high repeatability.

Simply thread your pre-measured foils through the grid and fold to hold in place – no masking tape required! The grid can be marked with marker pen to show the correct foil strip length and testing locations can be identified. Using the AIC Foil Testing Grid means you can prepare the test while the machine is in the De-gas phase and so reduce the overall time required to conduct the test.

Once the initial set up has been completed and measurements taken the grid can be set up and placed back into the plastic cover ready for the next test – ready to go!

The New Foil Testing Grid from Aura Infection Control provides a consistent and repeatable testing measure and can be assembled easily while your bath is de-gassing. It is easily cleaned using a Plastisept wipe or similar and can be stored easily in the decontamination room.

  • Maximise repeatability
  • Reduce preparation time
  • Easy to use, easy to clean.

This innovative new product was launched in Dentistry Magazine in January and has already received a lot of attention because it is just so simple and easy to use.

So the next time you draw the short straw, throw out the masking tape, and complete this validation test using a method that allows maximum repeatability in less time!

To find out more about the Ultrasonic Foil Testing Grid visit our online store now!

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